10 Reasons to stop and explore the Comox Valley

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"I could go on and on..." -Fleming (3 years ago)

1. Stotan Falls - Seriously amazing spot. Everyone who I have ever brought to Stotan has been completely blown away. 15-20 foot waterfalls spreading hundreds of feet wide that the whole family can safely play in. National Geographic moments at home ! PS most locals call it "Stokem" falls.

2. Nymph Falls - just up the road from Stotan Falls - tons of pools to explore - you can swim down one hole and up another one - more amazing falls that you can even swim behind - usually a little less busy than Stotan.

3. Air Force Beach - Head out to the Air Base for a windswept sand blown beauty of a beach. You come down around the corner and are welcomed to a seriously great beach. Playground and camping add to the possibilities and when the Snow Birds are in town come down here to get a great free seat.

4. Goose Spit - first beach I explored in the Comox Valley - Go to the left and explore sandy cliffs and a walk as long as you want go to the left and explore the huge sandy beach and rocks teaming with sea life. Windusurf, kiteboard, canoe, kayak or standup paddle board. Such a great beach. Totally recommended and you can even have BEACH FIRES @ Night !

5. Kye Bay - super small kid friendly - shallow water - huge tides and a playground make this a definite spot to hit up.

6. Saratoga Beach - 10 minute drive north up through Black Creek & Merville - huge white sand beach - shallow with lots of sanddollars and bathrooms at the parking area.

7. Miracle Beach - great family camping - beautiful forest - crazy big beach - just before Saratoga Beach off the old highway.

8. Mount Washington Paradise Meadows - more National Geographic moments - birds eating out of your hands - pristine lakes - amazing camping - totally well maintained trails.

9. Comox Lake - everything that you can do at a lake you can do here. Great trails, great beach, camping, concession etc. Great again for small kids.

10. Tubing/swimming/snorkelling down the Puntledge River - the owners of Aboutcomoxvalley's personal favorite Comox Valley activity. You haven't experienced the comox Valley till you make your way down the river from the fish hatchery and end up @ Lewis Park on a tube or without!  



I could go on and on but I thought I would start with 10 reasons.
-Fleming (submitted 3 years ago)