Kayaking in the Comox Valley Estuary

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A few from our group - leaving the Estuary
Stand up paddle boarders in the distance
Seal poking its head out (on the right)
Cluster of sailboats off in the distance
Comox Marina
Comox Valley Estuary
Comox, BC

Got a video of a seal playfully slapping the water!  Spent a fantastic evening kayaking with the Comox Valley Paddlers club.  Gorgeous water and amazing sights.  We had seals swimming around us, playfully slapping the water (see video) as we left the boat launch near Comox Valley Kayaks.  As we headed out toward the Comox Marina, we enjoyed the dozen sailboats circling the water out in front of us and the crystal clear water beneath us.  Nearing the marina we heard the beat of a dragonboat drum and even saw some stand up paddle boarders.

The seals were my favourite part -- they remind me of puppies.  We'd see their heads pop up every once and a while looking at us curiously before they went back under for a swim.

Going out with the comox valley paddling club was a great way to get out and enjoy the water in a casual setting.  They have trips planned each Wednesday throughout the summer.  See their website for the triplist and more information.


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